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Set your heading to Reading and don't look back! The South Pacific Fly-in at The READING AIR Fest is the most fun and unique Fly-in on the East Coast and it keeps getting bigger and better. 

Crowne Plaza Reading

CROWNE PLAZA READING is offering special rates for READING AIR Fest 2016.

Guests may call (877) 814-2538 for reservations and must mention READING AIR Fest to receive the special rate of $94.00/night.

Free overnight parking

TFR will only be in affect during the airshow.  

Don't miss THE fly-in event of the Summer!"

Airport Identifier: KRDG

Approach: 125.15

Tower: 119.9

AIRSHOW Ground: 123.10

Inbound and Departure Procedures for The READING AIR Fest


  • Listen to RDG ATIS (127.10).
  • Call RDG Approach (125.15) prior to entering the Class D with Airport Information and intentions "Reading Air Fly-in".
  • They will hand you over to RDG Tower (119.9).
  • Once landed, exit runway and Tower will immediately hand you over to Fly-In Ground Boss (123.10).
  • Ground boss will give you taxi instructions for parking.
  • Follow aircraft marshalers.  


  • After startup, listen to RDG ATIS (127.10).
  • Once you have ATIS, call Fly-In Ground Boss (123.10) for taxi instructions and follow aircraft marshalers.
  • ONLY CONTACT TOWER (119.9) when first in line at active runway and ready to depart.
  • Tell tower N-number altitude and direction of flight to exit Class D.

Carl A Spaatz Field (RDG)

The Go Greater Reading Visitor's Bureau is a great resource for all things Berks County.

Visit or call 1-800-443-6610 and let them help you plan your Berks County adventure today!

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